Beginner Scuba Certification

Welcome to the world of SCUBA, where you will discover a universe, that many people will never experience.

SCUBA Certification classes allow you to dive all over the world.
To get this Open-Water Scuba Diver Certification, you’ll need to:

1. Learn the rules of the road through eLearningThe e-Learning is informative and interactive.
2. Develop practical skills in the poolThe Pool Sessions are Fun.
3. Complete four open water dives for certification. Once you have completed steps 1 & 2, it’s time to go diving! You will need to complete four open water certification dives.

We offer 3 Options for the dives

A. Lessons and Certification. Complete the dives locally on a weekend in a lake in Pa
B. Lessons for Referral. Complete the dives on your personal vacation at your preferred destination by obtaining a Student Referral Form.
C. Destination certification,  join us on one of our dive trips to Puerto Rico

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The Full Scuba Certification Program.

EZ as A B C
Basic Practice at the Pool (3/4 sessions)
Certification Dives (4) Three Simple Steps
Step 1: Start your eLearning course and master all the important academic information online. All eLearning courses work on mobile and tablet devices too.
Step 2: The next step will be to complete your in-water skills-development training in our swimming pool under the supervision of an Instructor.
Step 3: Lastly, you will complete the required open-water certification dives locally with us.

What's included

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We Include:
- eLearning
- Required pool sessions and Open-water dives with us(4)
In the Pool, Use of all listed equipment:
- Mask - Snorkel - Fins
- SCUBA Regulator and Instruments
- BCD (Buoyancy Compensating Device
- Tanks and Weight belts
In addition for Open-water Dives with us:
- Use of the above plus:
- Wetsuits - Hood - Gloves - Booties
- No Additional Cost

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More About Our Beginner Lessons

Entry Level SCUBA Diving Certification
Our Open Water SCUBA Certification classes for beginners allow you to dive all over the world.
To get this open-water scuba diver certification, you’ll need to:
- Learn the rules of the road through eLearning.
- Develop practical skills in the pool.
- Complete four open water dives for certification.
             eLearning is fun and interactive.

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