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Is it Time to ReDiscover Diving

Planning a trip? Is there a dive in your near future? Then you may want to come to the pool and blowout the cobwebs.
ReDiscover Diving is a National Program to Help the Certified But “Rusty” Divers Get Safely Back into the Water. An in-depth review open to all certified scuba divers of all skill levels. The goal is to help clear the “rusty” diver safely back into the water, while reinforcing dive safety and accident prevention.
By the end of this program, you will have achieved a higher level of confidence and comfort. You will be better prepared for that next dive.

Some of what you will ReDiscover

Pool sessions (two)

  • Equipment setup and configuration

  • Entries and exitsescents and ascents

  • Skills review and techniques

  • Buoyancy

  • Underwater swimming

  • Underwater communications/hand signals

  • Diver assists


  • Diving Safety Review & Accident Prevention

  • Boyles law

  • Medical Aspects of Diving

  • Dive planning

Rediscover 2 pool sessions

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