Advanced Diver Development Program (Mastering the Skills)
Not the same as Advanced Adventure Diver

Our Program allows you to truly  become an Advanced Diver. With a series of four specialties, and the experience of twenty-five dives, the Diver is well prepared for multiple diving conditions when entering the open water.

Course graduates will be "Advanced Divers" by any measure.

Specialty Courses.

You may select any  four of the following specialties to be included at no additional cost.

  • Boat Diving
  • Recreational Deep Diver (130 foot Max)
  • Drift Diver
  • Dry Suit Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Full Face Mask
  • Ice Diver (seasonal)
  • Marine Ecosystems Awareness
  • Northeast Ocean Diver
  • Night
  • Limited Visibility Diver
  • Search & Recovery Diver
  • Shore / Beach Diver
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Video
  • Wreck Diver

    photo  #1 by unknown                         #2 by Karen Wilk                            #3 Jim Wilk                        #4 by Jim Wilk

    Certification Requirements:
     - Total of 25 logged dives.
     - 4 Specialty Courses

    Each student is required to have the following:

    • Basic OW SCUBA equipment (rentals available)
    • Personal Dive Computer
    • Compass
    • Knife or cutting device
    • Reel
    • Lights: primary and back up
    • Signaling devices: Audible (whistle) and visual (emergency sausage/mirror)
    • Thermal Protection: Suit-Hood-Gloves

    (equipment requirements may vary with each specialty course)

    The Advanced Diver Certification class includes:

    • Instruction
    • Classroom sessions
    • Certification processing fees.

    Books, Equipment, Lake/Quarry, Boat and Lodging fees are not included in the price.