Nov. 12 -13 Veterans Day Weekend at Dutch

All the *proceeds will go towards our goal to provide a disabled vet with an All Terrain Tracked Powered Wheelchair


JOIN US One or both days.

On Sunday we will dive to place a Wreath on the Helldiver. Then we will BBQ for lunch.

Sunday, Salute to Veterans Dive and BBQ

If you contribute $25  (*All proceeds will go to the Independence Fund) 

  • 2 Air Fills at the Shop 
  • 1 Free Cylinder Rental (2 if we have enough to around) 
  • Half Off all Rentals 
  • BBQ Lunch on Sunday 
  • Diving or Not come out to honor a Vet. 
    * Minus what we have to pay for the food.

*  Airfills ( **@1.877.SCUBA.USA)

** Free Air-fills provided by ann at 1.877.SCUBA.USA. Must provide proof of attendance

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SeaLife 2013/2014

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